Google Phone Buzz Encyclopedia – So much info in such a short time!

Posted by Chris Leckness on Dec 14, 2009

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This rush of info about the Google phone that has been rumored for more than a year were fueled by a tweet. MobileCrunch reported that the following tweet was made and was followed up with a couple other tweets from Google employees that claimed that they received a “Google Phone”.


Rich posted a blurb about an email alert he got from the Wall Street Journal that confirmed a little more info about this mysterious phone.

“Google Inc. has designed a cellphone it plans to sell directly to consumers as soon as next year, according to people familiar with the matter.

The phone is called the Nexus One and is being manufactured for Google by HTC Corp., these people said. It runs Android, the operating system for mobile phones that Google developed, they added.”

Engadget says that Google has not made any statements that confirm what the Wall Street Journal article stated. In fact, the statement says it’s poorly sourced.

Google posted on its blog that it was experimenting with "eating its own dogfood" on the Android front by giving employees "around the globe" a device to test. There have been zero — zero — official statements about Google selling the device to retailers or directly to consumers. There is a Wall Street Journal article which claims that this is the strategy Google is headed in, but the post contains a number of poorly sourced and suspect facts, so we say take it with a major grain of salt. Other reports say "what if" and "could." That doesn’t make it so. As of right now, the only way to get this phone is to work for Google.

More and more info has come in over the last 2 days, some confirmed, some speculation, and some rumored.

There is no doubt that this phone now exists, but the details are not confirmed. Redmond Pie has some specs that they obtained somewhere. Not sure if they are legit, but most of the line items seem to have been revealed since this post on Saturday.

Operating System: Android 2.1
Device Name: Google Phone
Manufacturer Branding: Google
Hardware Manufacturer: HTC
Carrier Unlock: Yes
Network: GSM
Chipset: Snapdragon Processor
Launch Date: January/February 2010
Display: High-resolution Capacitive multitouch OLED screen
Keyboard: Onscreen keyboard only.
Hardware Buttons: HTC Hero like Scrolly ball
Size: Thinner than the iPhone 3GS
Other: 2 mics, one in the front for talking and one at the back to reduce background noise.


So, while Engadget is still saying there is no name for the device, somehow the name Nexus One has com been slapped on this phone which is obviously the HTC Passion.

Let’s take a look at some photos 1st, plenty of photos have surfaced.

htcpassion NexusOne
These two are the earlier photos that hit. The photo on the left is of the HTC Passion and the one of the right is a “leaked” HTC Nexus One.  (From Redmond Pie)

Engadget got some exclusive photos sent in to them and posted them today. Check them out, the one above is just one of many. The one above is interesting because I would love to know what the piece of paper masks.

NexusOneCamera1 NexusOneCamera3

Redmond Pie also shared some photos that were taken with the “Nexus One”. These were taken by different people and both hosted at Picasa. (benbabooey and Ryan)

Nexus One Passes FCC with T-Mobile 3G Freqs

If all the photos and other confirmations weren’t enough, Today the Nexus One hit the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) sporting T-Mobile’s 3G Frequencies. (Source: FCC via Phone Scoop)

Google to subsidize the Nexus One on T-Mobile?

I don’t know whether or not to believe this one or pass it off as another of the rumors floating out there. Don’t shoot the messenger (Pocketnow), but here’s what they are saying.

It looks like the latest round of rumors regarding the Nexus One phone–you know, the official Google Phone–is that the device will cost $199. Snapdragon processor, WVGA capacitive touchscreen, and HTC’s "Quietly Brilliant" design doesn’t come cheap and the price is going this low because Google will be subsidizing the handset for use on T-Mobile USA.

Chuong is basing this off a post at Android and Me, who is claiming an anonymous tipster sent them this…

1.) It’s going to be $199, subsidized by Google. That is pretty game changing from a cell phone sales perspective. Sounds like Google is going to make a big push to get a good Android handset into as many people’s hands as possible.

2.) They are apparently working on some new 3D UI elements for Android.

3.) GSM at first, CDMA version will follow.

The GPhone Odds by Kevin Tofel

Kevin put his odds early this morning on what we’ll learn about this Google Phone… Some of them have already been revealed, like the carrier. The T-Mobile bands presented in the FCC Filing kind of locks it in the T-Mobile choice if you want 3G, unlocked or not.

Nexus One will be sold to Google Android developers (1 – 1) — This is a no-brainer to me for reasons mentioned. Android will only continue its success through work of developers, both within and outside of Google. Offering the handset to developers makes it easier for them to take advantage of new features in Android 2.x.

Nexus One will be sold directly to the public by Google (30 – 1) — I think it’s a long shot. Google doesn’t have much to gain in this case and they’re going to get the carriers worked up, so there’s much to lose. While Google and others would like to see the cellular market mature and change, it doesn’t have enough power to disrupt things just yet.

Nexus One will be sold by carriers in March or April (5 – 1) — T-Mobile will offer the same handset or one extremely similar to it, possibly in the first quarter of 2010. The device won’t be priced higher than $199 and it will be locked to the carrier. AT&T offering this device isn’t likely, but if it happens, it won’t be until the second half of the year. This will be a T-Mobile flagship phone.

Nexus One will support both AT&T and T-Mobile’s 3G frequencies (20 – 1) — While not impossible, it’s going to add cost to the device and I can’t see Google wanting to make this handset more expensive. If they do, developers will feel undermined.

Google is loving all the hype created by the new phone (really? you need me handicap that one?  )

There have been some really interesting opinions put out there, I agree with most of them. My opinions are shared with Matt Miller and Sascha Segan, but they both do a much better job layout the opinions out than I do, so got check out their articles. I think that now that Apple is on top of the perch and gone from underdog with a cult following to market leader in consumer smartphones, that many will cheer on anything that has a chance to rival the iPhone. Look at the marketing hype for the Palm Pre, the Motorola Droid, and now the buzz about this phone. The readers, users, fans, fanboys, wanna-be fans all want to have a new something to cheer for. Hell, I honestly believe that most Android “Fanboys” are disgruntled former Palm and/or Windows Mobile fans.

There is nothing wrong with Android in my eyes, but the OS is not all that…. yet. It’s got potential and gets better with each FAST update that we are seeing. Google’s backbone will definately keep it in the mix no matter how well it does 1-2 years down the road. In my opinion, Microsoft on the other hand has one more chance to impress before all hope is lost from the most faithful fans.

Some additional links from a more corporate perspective

I am sure glad I stayed disconnected most of Saturday and Sunday, there was way too much to go through here. I spent a good 2 hours reading all this today!

What are your thoughts on all this GPhone hubbub?

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    Google Phone Buzz Encyclopedia – So much info in such a short time!

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