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In December 2003, Aximsite.com was created by Chris Leckness to share with others what he was learning about his Dell Axim X5. He had no idea what the site would become at that point. Within the 1st month, he had over 10,000 members and made a lot of changes to the site. He saw the need to bring some help onboard and some of those great folks are still here today.

Aximsite continued to grow and grow until it had reached 150,000 forum members and became not only the best place to get help with your Dell Axim Pocket PC, it became a place where you could get help with anything Windows Mobile.

In the summer of 2003, Dell came out with the upgrade from Pocket PC 2002 to 2003. They messed it up initially and lots of members rallied together to help each other through the botched up upgrade. Some members jumped ship on Dell and grabbed the new HP iPAQ 2215, which was a smaller version of the Dell Axim X5 that came with Pocket PC 2003 already loaded and had CF and SD card slots. The 2215 was quite popular too. Some of the members contacted Chris and asked about the possibility of his creating an “Ipaqsite”.

That domain was gone so he chose ipaqhq.com. iPaqHQ grew fast and became Aximsite’s sister site and a great place to talk about iPAQs.

In January 2006, HP was out of the Pocket PC arena (now they are back) and Chris decided to merge iPaqHQ with his personal blog, Mobilitysite…and then to merge Aximsite withe the new Mobilitysite. The rest, as they say, is history.

Mobilitysite would not be anywhere near the site it is today if not for our awesome readers, and the excellent, dedicated staff we have here. I want to introduce the staff now.

Chris Leckness, Founder, Microsoft MVP Mobile Devices

nophoto Chris Leckness has been a gadget freak for as long as he can remember. Starting off with a Handmedown Commodore Vic-20, he was an early adopter of the personal computer world. Chris was an Electronics Technician in the US Navy for almost 10 years. During his time in the US Navy, Chris always enjoyed making websites as a hobby. Building a site for anything he was into at the time.

After the Navy, he started to work in the telecommunications industy, where he still works by day. After giving up on the Palm OS in 2002, Chris bought a Dell Axim X5 and decided to build a site to share his findings as he learned. The site was called, “Aximsite”! Since December 2002, Aximsite.com has helped thousands of users to purchase Axims and Chris and his users provided tips and support to many more.

Today Aximsite.com has evolved into Mobilitysite, a large site with 200,000+ members which often times hosts 600-700 users at any given time. Mobilitysite has become a resource for all mobile technology users. In 2010 Chris passed the reins of the sites to others, but his influence and contributions to Mobilitysite are still very clear.

His personal blog is chrisleckness.com.

Dan Hsu, Editor in Chief

Dan H.

Dan Hsu is a gadget addict. His uncle gave him a custom-built computer, and that’s when his craze with tech began. Currently residing in Philadelphia, PA, he’s a full time student working towards his Bachelor of Music Technology. He loves mobile phones, and he’s quite familiar with most of the mobile OSes out there. He’s a master at starting his own blogs, and started a huge number of them…which never get used. He started blogging at iPhoneMVP.com, which later merged with Mobilitysite.com, where he is now Editor in Chief.

His email is: dan(at)mobilitysite(dot)com

CR H., Editor


CR H. is avid about all things technology, especially in the mobile space. Credit for his love of technology goes to his mom who signed him up for ComputerTots at his daycare. CR is currently a full time student in Baltimore, MD working towards a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems. Student by day and IT consultant by night, CR surrounds himself with technology whenever possible. He’s especially fond of mobile phones, generally going through a device per month, but can always be found with at least one iPhone.

His email is: CR(at)mobilitysite(dot)com, and you can follow him on Twitter here.


Zealot Benmergui, Senior News Editor and Reviewer


By day a department manager and writer for a major network device vendor…by night Zealot stalks the mean magnetic streets, striking fear into the hearts of bandwidth abusers and theme park mascots.

Zealot has been involved with mobile devices for more than a decade now, starting off with dumb phones, moving to PDAs and then to smartphones, notebooks and netbooks with the odd PMP thrown in.
Most of his mobile time currently is spent on a Treo Pro, Zune HD, Thinkpad T61, HP Mini 311, iPod Touch 3G, iPad 16G or a Hackintoshed Compaq Mini 704.

He proudly groks the Geek community and considers himself a Neo Maxi Zune Dweebie to the bitter end (thanks Wil Wheaton!).

Jason McIsaac,  News Editor


Jason (PPCApache) has been using WinMo devices for the past 10 years starting with the iPaq 1700 series PDA then moving through to conversion devices inclcuding the Harrier & Apache handsets. Jason started on AximSite.com when he bought his Axim X51v. Jason has been working in the Telco industry for the past 5 years. His current devices are the HTC HD2, iPhone 3G 16GB, Motorola Q9h 6.0 smartphone & an iPod Touch 16GB (1st Gen) . Jason also enjoys reviewing products & being involved with technology, he is also busy within the tech community namely with SPB Software as SPB Expert and SBSH. Jason has also completed Windows Phone certificates – Windows® Phone Specialist , Windows® Phone Expert & Windows® Phone Business Specialist.


Chris Ho Shin, Editor

Mr. HD

In love with Technology since he could speak. He has owned more cell phones than you will own in your lifetime. He has worked for Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile and has a thorough background in mobile devices. Former Windows/Windows Mobile user converted to Mac in 2007. Currently he spends his time on the Mac platform and uses an iPhone but is an Android and Blackberry user as well. If he is not on Facebook spreading his daily tech-related musings to his non-tech loving friends, then he is on Twitter probably doing the same thing. You can reach him on either site as he is active on both.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/chrishoshin

Twitter: www.twitter.com/iAmMrHD

Email: mrhidefinition@gmail.com


Marilyn Torres, Editor


Marilyn Torres launched into smartphones with a Windows Mobile 6.0 HTC Tilt, but while waiting several years for Windows Mobile Phone 7, she jumped ship to Android. Marilyn uses a Sony Ercisson X10 on AT&T, but still keeps her HTC Magic close, and will no doubt be a fan of HTC Android smartphones far into the future. She started blogging on Mobility Site in June of 2009 and is constantly on the look-out for new Android apps and handsets.

Twitter: @mismamari

Email: marilyn.torres(at)gmail.com


David Matson


Elrendhel is the penname of David Matson, who works for a large telecommunications company in the U.S. He works mostly on DS0, DS1, DS3 and OC48 designed circuits, as well as maintaining the Enhanced 911 data network in California.

At work, he is the departmental computer guy, Server Administrator, and WebMaster. On the side, he owns his own consulting company and helps his clients, friends, and family leverage the full potential of their personal computers and home networks.
He is married to a beautiful wife who is entirely his techno-geek equal, has one incredibly intelligent son (just turned 6), and a border collie / Lab mix as the family pet.

Top 5 Programs: WisBar Advance, Pocket Informant, PocketBreeze, GPS Tuner, File Explorer

frenchy André Normandin

André is working as the Canadian Help Desk manager for an international company. In his role he supports remote sales force across the country. Prior to this position he was running his own computer/networking business.
André has a business college degree in Marketing and Human Resources. He is still studying part time at the University of Toronto working on a degree in Translation. He has two children from a previous marriage now both in their 30’s.
His first experience with computer started with a Commodore 64 back in the mid 80’s. He used this computer to access the Internet with a 2400 baud rate modem. His first Internet phone bill with Genie was over $200. When not on Aximsite he enjoy hiking, biking and painting.
Top 5 Programs:PocketBreeze, Resco Explorer, Sprite Backup, Pocket Controller, and iLauncher

warthog Andy Mason

Andy is the preaching Minister at the First Christian Church of Seminole (FL). He and his wife of 25 years, Lori, have 4 children; 2 girls and 2 boys. Over the course of the next 5 years there will never be less than 3 teenagers in the Mason home! 2 cats and a dog round out the Mason family.

Andy’s interest in PDAs began with the Palm IIIe. A few months later Compaq released the iPaq 36xx series and Andy was hooked on Pocket PCs. He has owned each of the iPaq series, along with a few HP Jornadas, and Dell Axims. Currently the Dell x51v is his PDA of choice.
Andy’s other interests include: anything related to Military Aviation/airshows, geocaching, reading, and scale modeling (modern U.S. jets)

Top 5 Programs: Laridian PocketBible, Spb Mobile Shell, TCPMP, Bejeweled 2, Iambic Vehicle manager

nophoto Martin

No Bio at this time.

Top 5 Programs: n/a

nophotoRishad Alam

No Bio at this time.

Top 5 Programs: n/a

News Editors

nophoto Jack Cook, Senior Editor, Microsoft MVP Mobile Devices
Jack Cook

Jack spent 35 years teaching mathematics, worked as a Dean of Students, and completed his career as a Principal of a suburban school just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Throughout his years in public education, the computer field has always sparked an interest in him. In his early years as a teacher, he became proficient with computers by teaching himself “BASIC” with an old HP card reader. Handheld computers soon became his passion where he eventually focused his attention on the HP iPAQ.

Always the teacher, Jack participates in several discussion groups but has maintained an active role on Mobilitysite. Jack brings to the iPAQ community, news, events, and reviews that generate the same passion in iPAQ’s that he has had at his blog Experience Mobility.

Retirement has not slowed Jack down, he finds himself busier today than ever before. Traveling between Massachusetts and Maine, he is continually writing, reading and working with his iPAQ. In addition, Jack serves on the board of advisors for SCOTTEVEST.

Top 5 Programs: n/a

gasusan2005 Susan, Senior Editor

Susan is married and currently a stay-at-home mom with four children (3 in high school, one in college at Ga Tech). She works on management consulting projects during her spare time. Susan’s other interests include needlework, gardening, and Atlanta Braves baseball. Susan recently ventured into journalism as a news editor on Mobility Site.
Susan’s first computer experience was with an IBM mainframe computer via teletype (timesharing). Susan’s father, a management consultant, enlisted her help entering text. From timesharing she moved on to programming off-line on a key punch machine which generated punch cards which were then run on the computer via batch mode processing. Susan learned to program using Cobalt, Fortran, Paschal and Basic. Susan studied mechanical engineering, computers, and business at Georgia Institute of Technology, where she received a BS in Industrial Management. Her first computer was a Commodore 64. Since that time she has had numerous desktops and other devices. Her current devices include a Dell desktop, HP laptop, Dell Axim x51v, and AT&T 8525. She received a technician class amateur radio license back when you had to learn Morse code.

Top 5 Programs: iLauncher, Pocket Informant, PocketBreeze, CodeWallet Pro, Ilium ListPro

ksong12 Kevin Song

Kevin was born in New Jersey. He moved to Delaware two years later, and moved back to New Jersey 10 years later, in 7th grade. He is currently 14 years old, making him the youngest member of the Aximsite team. He currently resides in New Jersey, where he is in eighth grade. He will be attending Delbarton School for high school.

Although he is young, he has achieved many things, such as attaining a 2060 on the SAT Reasoning Test in 8th grade.His favorite hobbies are computers- programming, operating, and the building of. He also enjoys twiddling around with things, experimenting, and inventing. Although his life hasn’t been very long so far, because of his youth, he has traveled the world. He has been to China, all over the US, Hawaii, Japan, Italy, U.K., France, Switzerland, Carribean, Canada, among many other places. The picture of him is in Williamsburg, while seeing the Queen of England.
Needless to say, he loves his Axim X51v. He uses it mainly for entertainment purposes, and as a GPS, but expects to use it more for educational purposes as he nears high school, and eventually, college.
Top 5 Programs: iGuidance, TCPMP, Call of Duty 2, Pocket Hack Master, Warfare Inc.

scylla Jim McGowan

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA USA, Jim has lived and worked in several locations in the US. After serving in the US Army, Jim returned to civilian life in 1972 and started working in the engineering and construction industry. Jim has been married for 32 years, and has four children and five grandchildren.

Jim’s first computer experience was with the mainframe computer at Drexel Institute of Technology (Now Drexel University). He also worked on the development of the first computerized piping estimation program for a large engineering and construction company in Philadelphia. Though presently disabled, Jim worked spent the largest part of his career as an Engineering Project Manager for large-scale projects worldwide. His first micro computer was an Apple II in 1978, followed by a succession of other early entries including a Commodore VIC 20, followed by a C64, IBM PCXT, PCAT, and an Apple Lisa — forerunner of the Macintosh. (Not to mention his trusty stone tablet and chisel). As for handheld computing, Jim has owned the Apple Newton, Epoch Game Computer, four Palm devices and eleven Pocket PCs, and presently uses his Cingular 8125 as his “daily use” PPC as well as mobile phone. He also keeps ready his fleet of Axims, including his X5, X3, X30, and X50v.

Top 5 Programs: Pocket Informant, MyLife Orgranized, Pocket MindMap, SPB Diary, SK-Tools

nophoto Andy

Born and raised in Psionandy is a long time gadget fan. Starting with a Psion Revo+ he’s tried to run his life on Palm, Linux and Windows Mobile PDAs, to varying degrees of success.

In the real world he currently lives in Liverpool, England and spends his daytimes in a mixture of Network and User support. His resolution for 2008 is to finally get that novel written and unleashed on the world.

Top Program:SPB Pocket+, Ilium Newsbreak, Coreplayer, Resco File Explorer, SK Tools

rabilancia Rich Bilancia

Born and raised in Rich Bilancia was President and founder of Computer Guidance and Support, a technology and managerial accounting consulting firm. He was the CIO and Vice President of Information Technology at CoorsTek, Inc., a Golden, Colorado based leading designer and manufacturer of critical components and integrated assemblies for the semiconductor capital equipment industry and other high technology markets. While at CoorsTek, Rich completed a major upgrade of the IT organization and then led the successful corporate deployment and acceptance of portal technology and data warehousing. He also directed a PeopleSoft financials and supply chain implementation in the midst of a major economic downturn. Earlier, Rich was a co-founder and Vice President of Colorado-based Foothills Software, Inc., a UNIX software development company that was an Industry Remarketer (IR) for IBM’s RISC System/6000, where he headed the software development team. Previous to that, he completed a fourteen year career with Manville Corporation as Vice President of Accounting Methods. Throughout his career he has specialized in solving business and managerial accounting problems using computer technology.

Rich has extensive experience in Activity-Based Cost Management (ABCM), managerial accounting, open systems, software development, project management, and technology consulting. His expertise has given him many opportunities to work with a variety of domestic and international corporations. His career spans over twenty five years and covers a diverse range of industries including automotive and aerospace component manufacturing, building materials, oil and chemical, wood and paper products, exploration and mining, food and beverage processing, hotel and hospitality management, insurance, retailing, and communications. Rich is recognized nationally as an expert on Activity-Based Cost Management (ABCM), the AIX, UNIX and XENIX operating systems, as well as computerized managerial accounting. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and has written over 60 articles for computer industry publications. For nearly two years he wrote the “/xenix” column for UNIX/World magazine.
Rich has taught courses for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies both in ABCM and in software development using fourth generation languages as well as taught accounting technology classes at the University of Denver as an adjunct professor. Rich holds a B.S. degree in Economics from Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and a Masters of Accountancy with a minor in Computer Science from the University of Denver. He is now retired doing only the things he likes to do.
Top Program:OneNote 2k7, TextAloud, MS Money Plus, Google Maps Smartphone Edit., Sprite Backup Smartphone Edit.

Steve Mueller

Originally from Michigan, Steve got his B.S. in Computer Science and Math and his M.S. in Computer Science, both from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

He worked for 18 years as a software developer and is now helping test software for the Department of Defense.

Top Programs: Emerald Hunt, Resco Explorer, Resco Radio, Pocket Informant, Agenda Fusion.

nophoto Christopher Rogers

Chris grew up in Thomaston, GA. He is in the U.S. Air Force and works as a 2E251, Network Infrastructure Technician. He is currently stationed at Keesler AFB, MS. He has been in the military for 6 years and is now transitioning from the military to be a civilian. He met his wife Rebecka, in 2001. They married in March 2002. They had their 1st child in December of that year and are currently expecting the second child in January. Chris is known as the Computer Tech of the family. He has been using computers since he was 8 years old. His PDA of choice is the Dell AXIM X51V.
Top 5 Programs: N/A

Review Staff

badersk Stephen Borders

Stephen is a veteran automotive technician turned instructor that due to the proliferation of electronics in automobiles became interested in computers and gadgets. After a while he began building his own systems and after buying a Casio BE300 and realizing its limitations began looking for ways to improve it. Since that time he has owned an Ipaq 1945, a Dell X50mid, Treo 600 and currently a Cingular 8125.

He likes to keep up with all the new stuff coming out all the while looking for ways that it can be useful for not only our daily lives but in the automotive world as well. In addition to Teaching and writing reviews for Aximsite he is also independently testing computer based Automotive applications such as Scanning and oscilloscope packages to benefit the automotive Technician.

Top 5 Programs: N/A

breley Bryan Eley, Senior Reviewer

Bryan works in software testing and IT for a small multimedia company that boasts Fortune 500 technology clients. He met his future wife while working with her in a biochemical research lab years ago, and has two boys. He maintains a home network of a number of systems (tends to fluctuate depending on his current OS passion) of mixed Windows & Linux systems, along with his sundry Windows Mobile devices, and occasionally rolls out his Commodore 64 & Commodore 128D from his youth. He also enjoys cooking (he is the primary chef at home), astronomy, gardening, calligraphy and reading up on history and medical sciences.

Additionally he was a member judge of the 2008 Smartphone & Pocket PC
Magazine Board of Experts.

Top 5 Programs: PocketBreeze, Resco File Explorer, Wisbar Advance / Desktop, Pocket Informant, Weatherpanel

forge42 Caleb

Caleb grew up on a farm in northern Georgia, USA. He developed a fondness for hunting and fishing and enjoying the beauty of the nature around him. He promptly rebelled against all of that after his first brush with video games. His downward spiral into geek-itude began shortly thereafter.

He got a degree in mechanical engineering from a small private school and upon graduation began working for a research and development company, where he does all kinds of random stuff, most of which he can’t tell you about. His evolution into a full-grown nerd is almost complete. He currently enjoys many nerdish pastimes like: fantasy literature, theoretical physics, online gaming, and tinkering with Linux.

Somewhere in the middle of all the math, computers, and Halo, Caleb managed to talk a rather lovely girl into marrying him. They have two children, both boys. In some sort of cosmic-reproductive version of a double-double, Caleb’s first son was born on his birthday and his second son was born on his wife’s birthday. Yes, they think it is pretty spiffy too. When he isn’t pursuing one of his nerd hobbies or one of his children, Caleb enjoys singing (especially a cappella), home and car audio equipment, cooking on his Big Green Egg, playing with his weimaraner Emma, and wingshooting. In fact, he could probably beat you at skeet shooting or sporting clays as well as rib-cooking.

Top 5 Programs: PocketBreeze, iLauncher, MortPlayer, SPB Finance, apMemo

genesisfactor Taurean Dyer

Born in Trinidad, raised in NYC and its suburbs, Taurean Dyer lives life as crazy as possible while being in accordance with God’s word. Mr. Dyer has had a high mechanical, mathematical, and verbal aptitude, winning many awards and scholarships in his youth. He is a student at Stony Brook University with a double major of Mechanical Engineering, towards robotics, and Applied Math and Statistics, towards the business field. In his spare time, he enjoys a variety of activities, ranging from wrestling, sword play, sparring, archery, shooting, paint balling, and mountain biking to tai chi, church, reading and researching, working on and with computers, chess, and “‘chillaxing’ with his peeps, yo”.

After a seemingly minor car accident left him with major injuries, he has been forced to take a hiatus from his life, presently going on 2 years. Mr. Dyer spends his new found time doing little projects to keep his mind busy, allowing him to find new neurological pathways and build his brain to some semblance of its former glory. He promises that he will be back to finish his degrees and continue his hobbies and favorite activities, but for now, is pseudo-content in just designing new things to use for when he’s medically OKed to resume his favorite activities.

In the future, after finishing his bachelors, Mr Dyer hopes to continue on to get an MBA and law degree, as well as a Masters in technology. He hopes to continue to do jobs in the technology field until he finishes his education while doing his side modeling jobs.

Mr. Dyer uses his Dell Axim x50v for taking notes in class, GPS navigation, mp3/video playing, phone calls, and internet browsing and chatting on the go.

Top 5 Programs: AIM, Skype, GSFinder, X50Mix, IGuidance

jakerich Jake Richards, Senior Reviewer

Jake is a Project Executive for a large international IT corporation. As a former bombardier/navigator for the US Navy, he is naturally interested in all things to do with navigation. When GPS receivers first could be connected to his Axim X5, he combined technical curiosity with that intense desire to know where he was. From that experience came his gig here as the Moderator of the GPS Forum and reviewer of GPS and GPS-related products.

He has a long-suffering wife who has tolerated him for 42 years, two children and three grandchildren. Famous line (said to a pilot), “Where am I? I am the navigator and I have a right to know.”

Top 5 Programs: Pocket Informant, PocketBreeze, iLauncher, eReader Pro, Laridian Bible

lawman Lawrence, Senior Reviewer

Lawrence is married and works as a senior verification engineer at a telecommunications company. He’s first exposure to the computer world was when he saw the amazing graphics on the Amiga platform. He’s the IT guru in the family and likes to keep on the leading edge of technology. Aside from using different GPS devices/software, telecommunications, PC networking, videogaming (PlayStation3 rules!) , and travelling; you’ll find Lawrence enjoying cooking, gardening, and reading scifi/fantasy books on his free time. My current PPC devices: Axim X50v, Axim X51v and XV6600.

Top 5 Programs: PocketWeather, PocketBreeze, Resco File Explorer, iLauncher, Metro (nanika.net)

radimus Conrad Wheeler

Conrad grew up WAY out in the boondocks of the West Coast of Florida. He was the “mid-life” baby and only boy with two much older sisters! Man was he spoiled! His mom spent all of her time doting on the boy, making sure that his every whit and whim were serviced. He spent much of his young life finding gadgets to disassemble to determine their inner workings. The rest was spent helping the family with their landscaping business.

Not being much for the outdoors and all that manual labor stuff, Conrad discovered that computers was the way to go! So, armed with his Commodore 128 and TI-99/4a, he embarked on his career. He began on the Yearbook staff of his high school year book and has ever since found technology to be fascinating. Conrad did his best to make all the trouble he could and do as very little as possible throughout high school. Despite his utter lack of concern for the classes or the teachers, he graduated! Things quickly deteriorated from there. To keep himself from getting into anymore trouble, he decided to dedicate his life to Uncle Sam for a few years. Conrad joined the Army and was placed in a Patriot Missile Unit. He spent time in Germany and in Saudi Arabia defending our country. After returning to the states from his sentence…er…patriotic duties…he landed a job in communications…he installed radios and base stations and erected antennae for a local communication firm. It was here that his networking potential was uncovered. Conrad built and configured the network for this small office. The experience this gave him, led him eventually to his auspicious job with the state government where he wisely spends all of the state taxpayer money by coming in late, taking long lunches, and leaving early, when not otherwise occupied with surfing tech sites and sleeping in his office.

Sometime during the communication stint, Conrad met, of all things, a GIRL! Who knows what she was thinking, but she dragged him out of his closet (where he spent countless hours playing Mech Warrior and Doom), and made him do things like eat with a fork, wear shoes, and have real conversations. Eventually, he grew to like her and they married. They now have 4 children together and are fast approaching their 10 year anniversary…fingers crossed!!
Top 5 Programs: SPB Mobile Shell, SPB Phone Suite, PocketBreeze, iLauncher, ContactBreeze

stevenator65Steve Laser

Steve is your modern day renaissance man. He juggles a professional life in sales, with a hobby of drumming with the Steve Laser Experience (are you experienced?), programming VB and DBs, raising 3 kids, a lovely wife, several pets, all the while mixing in a little golf, hockey and working out.

Steve’s family is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Steve es muy macho! He’s had several art showings, and used to make his living as a professional artist. Now Steve enjoys using his Axim to travel the midwest, keep track of contacts, navigate, watch movies and keep entertained. But his biggest thrill comes from sharing his experiences with others on Aximsite.

Top 5 Programs: Phatpad, Pocket Informant, TomTom Navigator 6, Birdsoft All in Texas Hold ‘Em, List Pro

Site Moderators

gigi Gigi

Gigi has her master’s degree in speech pathology and currently works with children in preschool and school settings. In addition to her clinical and consultative responsibilities, she is also involved in research with bilingual children.

Gigi’s interest in technology began with her first digital camera, shortly followed by her first PDA, the Dell Axim X5 Advanced. Currently, the devices she enjoys using the most include the Nikon D40, Dell XPS 1330 and the Dell Axim X50v (still!). When not geeking it out, Gigi enjoys travelling, dancing, music and photography.

Top 5 Programs: Pocket Informant, SkTools, Sprite Backup, tdlaunch, Wisbar Advanced

nophotoJulie De Jong, Microsoft MVP Mobile Devices


Top 5 Programs: N/A

grentz Gray R.

Gray currently is working part time with his dad as a computer consultant for small businesses. He also is a student with a currently undecided major.

Always interested in technology, from a young age Gray had an interest in all things electronic. After seeing a few different Palm Pilots and other PDAs getting more advanced in the market he bought an Axim X5 that started him on his PDA journey. In years to follow Gray learned the ins and outs of the PPC platform and has worked to help many others on the forums, creating research guides, and even writing a beginner’s guide to PDAs. Since the Axim X5, he has moved up to an Axim X50v that is his current full time PDA.

Besides PDAs, Gray has also ventured into other hobbies such as Photography, Cars, and Traveling. In his spare time he likes to watch movies, play games, and spend time on his favorite forum…Aximsite!

Top 5 Programs: WifiFoFum, Resco Picture Viewer, OnCourseNavigator, Vito Navigator II, TCPMP

ikehiker Dwight Lynn

Dwight is a research scientist who recently left the U.S. Department of Agriculture after 28 years. His research focus is on cell cultures to study insect diseases as alternatives to chemical pesticides. He is now starting his own consulting firm with an aim to advising researchers in the biotechnology and medical communities on similar techniques.

In his spare time, he does backpack and biking trips in wildernesses throughout North America, occasionally leading trips for the Sierra Club. Dwight put together the Aximsite WiFi Guide mostly based on information gleaned from the forums.

silentknight Pete

Pete works as a programmer for a document imaging company. Mostly doing database maintenance, data conversions, image conversions and image processing for litigation support.

Pete is still taking classes and working full time, he manages to squeeze in a little time playing online at home and when he’s not working or taking classes Pete spends time with his 3 children and his wife Jenny.
His current mobile devices are a Dell Axim X50v, a Toshiba M205 tablet PC, and a DT375 Tablet.

Top 5 Programs: WolfClock, Total Commander, Opera Browser, Stop Time, TCPMP

Top 5 Programs: N/A

nophotoDon’t Panic!


Top 5 Programs: N/A

soft2secure.com | http://luckypatcher.net


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