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what mean ARM MIPS SH3 WIN CE?

I am new with my AXIM 400 mhz, its great but I hear about

windows Ce, arm, mips, sh3,

what do those words mean, how can i know if some of them are compatible with my PPC
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THose are mainly old..
The first PocketPC was called Windows CE...
Arm was the first chip used..than StrongArm, than XSCale.
Early on, other companies used Mips or SH3 chips..

So what you want would be the ARM binaries...if they do not have one that specifically is called XScale..

Or something like that... ;-)
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Windows CE is Windows Compact Edition w/c we have but it's just called Pocket PC 2002.
ARM, Mips, SH3 are processor types. (check out faq )
The Axim's XScale processor is based off of the StrongARM processor. Mips, SH3 are older processors that are probably not used anymore.
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Pretty much what these guys said. Windows CE is the basic operating system, and Pocket PC is based on Windows CE, but is designed specifically to be a PDA, whereas CE standard is more like Windows 98 (from the perspective of the interface), which is fairly difficult to manage on such a small screen.

Pocket PC 2002 is based on Windows CE 3, whereas Pocket PC 2003 is based on Windows CE 4.
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I beilieve in some of the first Pocket PCs, a.k.a Win CE they used a MIPS type processor (Millions of Insturctions Per Second). These MIPS processors were 133 MHZ. They then started to use the Hitachi SH3 and SH4 processors. These went from 133-200 as far as I know. They were used in the early HP Jorandas. Then there are ARM processors. These are the fastest of them and runs from 300 to 400 MHZ. The ARM processors fabricated by Intel are called Intel Xscales, I beileive this to be because they use Intels "Xscale" Architechture. I have heard things of Samsung developing there own ARM chip running at 533 MHZ. On the Palm side of things, theres the Motorola Dragonball, which runs from 16 to 32 MHZ. The first Tungstens used a Texas Omap processor, which I beileive ran at 200 MHZ. Sony is now using there own processors in there handhelds instead of Motorolas. Now a days Palm uses the Intel Xscale processors in there Handhelds. Hope this answers your question.
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