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GPS Skinner

GPS Skinner

GPS Skinner 1.0 (Shareware) - GPS Travel Software

GPS Skinner is a skinning engine that allows you to view GPS derived information in any way you choose! Now YOU can create that GPS application you've been dreaming of!

The idea behind GPS skinner is to allow any user to customize the application to suit themselves without knowing anything about programming.

With GPS Skinner you can create multiple pages (or layouts). Each page can contain several text fields and other graphical elements that all display various GPS related information.

GPS Skinner allows you to choose fonts and colors that suit you! Use any font or color.

GPS Skinner allows you to choose any background you like! Each page can have an individual image as its unique background.

GPS Skinner allows you to design the page with the text you want to see! These can be your own or any of over 30 GPS derived fields such as; position, elevation, direction, speed, satellite reception, trip information, time

Besides text fields GPS Skinner has over 35 widgets, graphs and gauges to choose from! These include; clocks, speedometer, graphs, satellite bars, sky plots, gauges and more...

GPS Software
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