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Playing Music on the Amazon Kindle

image The Amazon Kindle is an ebook reader with one of its additional features being the ability to play music. It is nice to have the option of listening to some music while reading.

The Kindle can play music by going to Menu>Experimental>Play Music OR by selecting {ALT P} on the keyboard . Selecting {ALT P} a second time will stop the music.

Music files can be loaded on the Kindle's SD card, but they must be in MP3 format.

How do you convert music that is in Windows Media Audio (WMA) to play on Amazon Kindle (MP3)? I used WinFF. {Note: There are probably other conversion tools to use.}

  1. Download WinFF -          WinFF is a cross platform batch GUI for FFmpeg. It will convert most any audio or video file that FFmpeg will convert. Software includes presets for most common file conversions with the option to add advanced conversion options supported by FFmpeg to one or more files in a batch. WinFF converts multiple files in a batch, with support for multiple formats output in the same batch. For example, you can convert FLV, WMV, AVI and WAV simultaneously.
  2. Install WInFF
  3. Select WMA files or music you want to convert by clicking add and browse your computer to find music
  4. Select Convert to and from drop down menu, select MP3 audio only
  5. Select Output folder. I created a folder in music labeled Converted to MP3 for Kindle, so I would know where to send files that had been converted and be able to find files I wanted to transfer to an SD card easier
  6. Select Start Converting
  7. Once you are finished you can transfer MP3 files to an SD card and they will play on your Kindle

[Editor's Note: I will try to continue to address all questions/emails I have received regarding the Amazon Kindle ~ Susan]

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