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New SD card. How to load music.

Okay, its been a while since I've checked out the posts here, so I'm sure this has been answered before, but here goes anyway. I just purchased a new SD card for my 32 MB X5. Right now I am interested in downloading songs to it so I can take it jogging. When I download songs they lock up and it tells me that it is out of memory. How do I get the X5 to put the songs into the SD memory card, or do I have to get a reader and transfer the songs onto the card before I load it into the X5. Thanks in advance for any help.
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on my desktop, with my ax sync'ed up, I just open the mobile device in windows explorer, browse to the SD card and copy the files directly to the card.
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You don't have to get a card reader, but it will make it MUCH faster to move files around. In the mean time, use ActiveSync to open up an Explore window, then navigate to the SD card. You can drag and drop, or Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V files to the SD card. I know some posters have noted hangs when moving big files. Try one or two songs at a time and see if that works, then expand. Hint: create a "My Documents" folder on the SD card and add subfolders/files beneath it. Then your player should find the songs. GS Player is a good freeware player.
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If you want to save time use a card reader as you can often find them for free. If you are patient you can do what the guy above said!
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You can also use Windows Media Player "copy to a device" function to copy all files in a playlist to the SD card while it is connected via ActiveSync.
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Along a similar line, but a bit different. I've been able to load to an sd card from CD's that I've downloaded to my computer then dumped over to the sd. However, I don't want to save the files on my computer, as I can play the CD's anytime, so I've deleted. Each time I add to the sd it wants to create a new playlist. I've set up a "my documents" on my sd, but can't keep items downloaded in the same order without automatically setting up a separate playlist file. I'd like to just have this one "my document" folder with the files in order that I want to play. Any help?
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Along the suggestions, an article I was reading recommends that if you're moving a fairly large file to an SD or CF card, get a reader. I have discovered that it takes a while for the files to download, plus sometimes the Axim shuts down before I'm done, so I have to re-synch.

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