Chrysler to Offer WiFi in 2009 Vehicles

Posted by Steve Laser on Jul 01, 2008 | 2 Comments

Gina Hughes, the Techie Diva has just posted a great story about Chrysler. Safety advocates be damned!  Chrysler is adding a new in-dash system called UConnect to all it’s 2009 models.  This will bring Bluetooth, iPod integration, satellite TV and a mobile hotspot to your vehicle. Passengers will be able to connect laptops, handhelds and even the web-connected Nintendo Wii.  Chrysler is the leading... 

Review: WriteSHIELD crystal-CLEAR Screen Protector

Posted by warthog on May 13, 2008 | 2 Comments

Reviewer: Andy Mason (Warthog)Product: WriteSHIELD Crystal-CLEAR Screen ProtectorManufacturer: PPCTechsPrice: MSRP – crystal-CLEAR 2-Pak kit, $29.00; Deluxe 2-Pak kit, $36.99 I am very meticulous about all my tech toys and, for the longest time, did not see the need for screen protectors. After using my Dell Axim x50v for about a year, I began to notice very faint scratches on the screen from text entry and repeated... 

Review: Gomadic Quad Charger

Posted by warthog on Jan 14, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Have you seen the TV commercial touting IBM’s Bladeservers? It’s the one that begins with some IT guy peering out an office window through a pair of binoculars spying a Godzilla-sized orb overtaking the skyline of his city. “What is it?” he wonders out loud? “It looks like a giant ball of cables!” someone says of the rapidly expanding sphere. “Save us from all the cables!”... 

MScape Game Demo

Posted by ctitanic (left mobilitysite) on Sep 29, 2007 | Leave a Comment

All I know is that’s something that HP is preparing. It’s a game that use GPS and a machine, a powerful machine judging the graphics on it. is it a UMPC or a MID? I don’t know. YouTube – MScape Game Demo: Roku’s Reward The game seems to be a very interesting concept where the physical exercise is combined with some strategical thinking and probably some puzzles. AKPC_IDS += "7064,"; Read More →

Microsoft SideWinder Mouse

Posted by gasusan2005 on Aug 22, 2007 | Comments Off

Today at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, Microsoft Hardware debuts the revival of its SideWinder line with its first gaming mouse built from the ground up — a product that transcends the mouse category to become a customizable gaming system. The Microsoft SideWinder Mouse was created to meets gamers’ individual needs, providing custom tuning tools and a design for ultimate handling. The first... 

Nintendo DS Browser software game card

Posted by Jack Cook on Jun 08, 2007 | 3 Comments

Here is a short clip on the new Nintendo DS Browser software game card.  By inserting the card, users can transform their Nintendo DS into a portable Web browser by connecting at a Wi-Fi hotspot. The browser has easy touch-screen navigation tools, and users can select how they want Web pages displayed on the dual screens. Pretty cool and the price is right! The Nintendo DS Browser launched on June 4, 2007 at... 

Do you live in the UK and have a PSP?

Posted by Jack Cook on May 23, 2007 | Leave a Comment

If you do then there is a treat coming to you with a software that has been developed by BT.  It will allow you lucky PSP users to call PCs, fixed lines and mobiles … cool huh?  There will be a camera and microphone released that will allow you to call other PSP owners and some BT phones. Supposedly the service will only be in the UK and will only work on home or BT wireless hotspots. My guess is... 

Portable Xbox?

Posted by Chris Leckness on Apr 17, 2007 | Leave a Comment

Well, it’s not exactly and ”ultra portable” like your PSP, but it may fit the bill for spacious auto travel or gaming on vacation… I found this over on JK on the Run this AM. It’s a great idea, but if you own an xbox 360, you know that it’s not exactly lightweight.   “Hori finalized today release plans for the Compact TFT Monitor EX, an LCD monitor... 

San Jose Mercury News Q&A with Nintendo

Posted by Jack Cook on Mar 18, 2007 | Leave a Comment

… lays out game plan There was a time not long ago when Nintendo was a fading icon of the industry but that is all changing and it is changing FAST!  With the other leaders of the industry winning the console wars, Nintendo found its niche and now everyone else is scrambling. The  San Jose Mercury News  has a terrific Q&A with Nintendo that you just might want to read. ... 

Cylo 3style Mouse – Pure Innovation (and cool!)

Posted by Jack Cook on Feb 26, 2007 | Leave a Comment

This is a demo video showing the main applications of the Cylo 3style mouse. The mouse provides rotational input for scrolling, 3D, media and gaming. The 3style mouse is free moving in 3 axes and replaces all mouse functionality. Check out Cylo for more info.  This was a via via via for sources.  TechEBlog, Gizmodo, and the original source (I think) Le Journal du Greek.  Who ever found it, it was... 

Microsoft Extends Xbox 360 Warranty to One Year

Posted by Jack Cook on Dec 22, 2006 | Leave a Comment

Shoppers can buy with added confidence this holiday season as Microsoft expands its warranty for Xbox 360 from 90 days to one year. In a move to benefit customers, Microsoft Corp. announced today that it will change the Xbox 360™ warranty from 90 days to one year from the date of purchase in the United States and Canada. Microsoft extended the warranty in these territories to be consistent with the standard one-year... 

Christmas 2006 Contest #1 – Win an Xbox 360 HD DVD

Posted by Chris Leckness on Dec 22, 2006 | Leave a Comment

Update : Deadline is rapidly approaching!  I made an impulse buy at the old Circuit City tonight. Since I have a Blueray player on order, it was a "what was I thinking?" move. I bought the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player for $199 and since it’s Christmas time and I am too lazy to go return it, it can be yours for the low price of… free! You’ve experienced next-gen gaming on Xbox 360™ …... 

Still Looking for a PS3 or a Wii?

Posted by Jack Cook on Dec 19, 2006 | Leave a Comment

  Toys ‘R’ Us says more PS3s, Wiis coming before Christmas Today Toys “R” Us claimed they have “thousands” of Nintendo Wiis, and 6,000 PS3 units ready to be released before Christmas. I’m not too sure how hard is to find these items when you are out shopping.  I was in Best Buy the other day and was amazed at the stack of consoles they had … maybe folks are... 

Nintendo Wii – Locked and Load, literally

Posted by Chris Leckness on Nov 09, 2006 | Leave a Comment

I just posted on my blog today a dilema of gaming systems I am having and how I am leaning towards the Wii.  Looks like Zelda is waiting for me. Check out Gizmodo’s photos of this warehouse full of Nintendo Wiis (oh wow, how do you make Wii plural? lol) At Nintendo’s secret North Bend facility…whoops…the elves are readying the willy Wiis for ship, along with copies of zelda. The creates are... 

Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars

Posted by Jack Cook on Sep 30, 2006 | Leave a Comment

Truly, one of the most incredible games I have ever engaged.  This is one RPG that you just won’t put down. To celebrate the Broken Sword 1996 release, Astraware has a SPECIAL OFFER you don’t want to miss! Astraware and Revolution Software are excited to announce a special Broken Sword promotion to celebrate 10 years since the release of the original Broken Sword. When the game was originally released... 

New Holiday Lineup for Electronic Arts

Posted by Jack Cook on Sep 27, 2006 | Leave a Comment

Electronic Arts announced today its holiday line up of EA and EA SPORTS branded games for the Xbox 360. EA’s most popular franchises will be on show at Microsoft’s X06 event in Barcelona, offering hands-on next generation gaming for an audience of international media. EA will showcase consumer favorites including FIFA 07, Need for Speed(TM) Carbon, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 07, NBA LIVE 07, NHL07, Half Life 2... 

Sony to REDUCE PS3 prices

Posted by Jack Cook on Sep 24, 2006 | Leave a Comment

Ah, competition … it’s a terrific thing!  With all the entries into the game station market and the pressure from pricing, Sony will reduce their price structure by 17% for its Japanese release of the PS3 console scheduled for early November. With the 20 GB slated to be priced in Japan at $429, an $85 decrease, it is not know what the US pricing will be.  However, it is anticipated that similar... 

PlayStation 3 delay

Posted by Jack Cook on Sep 06, 2006 | Leave a Comment

Sony has announced a delay in the launch of the PlayStation 3 in Europe until the end of the 1st quarter of next year. Sony is still planning to launch the PS3 in Japan and North America in November as previously announced but the delay in Europe means it will miss out on the crucial year-end holiday period there. The reason… a shortage of laser parts…. Sony needs the PS3 to be a huge success if it is... 

World Soccer Winning Eleven Special Edition Nintendo DS Lite

Posted by Chris Leckness on Sep 04, 2006 | 3 Comments

Konami in association with Nintendo has announced a special edition black Nintendo DS Lite for its World Soccer Winning Eleven Special Edition Game. For the first time it will be available for the DS platform, and it features amazing 3D graphics, and with the WiFi feature you can go head to head with any player. AKPC_IDS += "1901,"; Read More →
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Pink Sony PSP

Posted by Chris Leckness on Aug 21, 2006 | Leave a Comment

Hmm. We got a PSP. We got Pink. We got a Pink PSP. My daughter would love this! Anywho, from what we understand Sony pulled the official release, so they’re apparently not yet prepped to discuss the ramifications of the PSP getting femmed out even though we now know it will run you €229 or £169 when it debuts October 27th. Link to PSP goes pink with Pink – Engadget AKPC_IDS += "2395,"; Read More →
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