Review: LG Revolution (Verizon)

Posted by Dan H. on Jun 12, 2011 | 1 Comment

LG may not be known for high-end smartphones in the US, but they’ve certainly tried hard to impress with the LTE packing Revolution on Verizon. We’ve been playing around with one for a week, keep reading for our thoughts! Hardware The LG Revolution is the last of the three launch 4G LTE devices. It’s pretty similar to the other two 4G LTE smartphones — the ThunderBolt and the DROID Charge. On the front of the... 

LG Debuting New Android Handsets on Sept. 14th

Posted by Zealot on Sep 10, 2010 | 3 Comments

LG has invited the tech press to a news conference scheduled, in what must be a total coincidence, the day before HTC’s event in London. LG is promising to display the two newest (and already announced) phones  in the Optimus line, the Optimus One and the Optimus Chic. Both devices will run Android 2.2 but beyond that, very little is known. The press conference, which I believe will be held in Korea, is invitation... 

Ebooks: An American Story?

Posted by Zealot on Jun 15, 2010 | 11 Comments

An ebook reader I have been following since it’s release is the iRiver Story. The main attraction for me in the device beyond the sleek, minimalist style are that I really enjoy and respect both the designs and the specs of most iRiver products I have used. I have had a very good history with the company. Also the Story looks very similar to a Kindle, without all that annoying Shop at Amazon stuff, which has to be... 

WP7 Panther Confirmed, Demoed

Posted by Zealot on May 19, 2010 | 1 Comment

We are finally getting some better looks at the upcoming Windows Phone 7 in action. At a recent Microsoft event, an LG Panther (a hardware prototype that was outed in February) was demoed by a senior Microsoftie with WP7 installed and working..and according to it was working pretty damn well…even if the exec in question couldn’t be convinced to forget the phone in a beer garden. It was noted that... 

Review: LG eXpo from AT&T

Posted by Stephen Borders on Jan 23, 2010 | 13 Comments

Since the release of Windows Mobile 6.5 and the subsequent release of the new Windows phones, I have had the privilege of reviewing two offerings by AT&T. The HTC Pure (Touch Diamond 2) and the Tilt2 (Touch Pro2), both of which I found to be good in their own rights with the Tilt2 being the better of the two in my opinion because of the hardware keyboard and larger screen. Since then I have also received the LG eXpo... 

LG eXpo Back In Stock

Posted by Stephen Borders on Jan 12, 2010 | 11 Comments

After being out of stock for a couple of weeks AT&T is now showing it available again. The Projector is still MIA though. After a week and a half of using it I have found some things I like and some I don’t. If you have any questions about the device, post them here and I will be sure to include them in my review. Stay tuned for my full review in a few days. AKPC_IDS += "35491,"; Read More →

LG eXpo Pico projector Unboxed-Phone Sold Out

Posted by Stephen Borders on Dec 30, 2009 | 5 Comments

Hey folks if you have been dying to see the Pico projector for the LG eXpo from AT&T Jason Dunn over at Windows Phone Thoughts has done a video un-boxing, or maybe its an un-bagging. AKPC_IDS += "35259,"; Read More →

LG eXpo Now listed on at&t’s website

Posted by Stephen Borders on Dec 16, 2009 | 11 Comments

Well look what the cat dragged in. After being delayed for shipping issues the eXpo has finally shown up on online at at&t’s website for $199 on contract with the obligatory data plan. It’s got all my requirements, WM6.5 a full slide-out keyboard, Snapdragon processor  and that biometric sensor/d-pad is intriguing. Read on for the specs. AKPC_IDS += "34966,"; Read More →

Video : LG’s 1st Android Phone, The LG GW620

Posted by Chris Leckness on Oct 30, 2009 | 1 Comment

Oh, it’s a cute commercial. Someone on Twitter turned me on to the video saying that LG is marketing to preschoolers with this one. I think I have to agree, but it is cute and the phone looks nice. I will add it to the list of desired phones that I want to check out, right behind the Cliq and the Droid. What do you think, too cutesy? AKPC_IDS += "29614,"; Read More →

LG Announces an Android Phone, Gets in Line.

Posted by Zealot on Sep 14, 2009 | Leave a Comment

Forget “iPhone Killers”, those are so last month…the new fashion seems to be “Cliq Killers”. Despite continuing to shout about it’s upcoming THIRTEEN Windows Mobile phones (“Love us, Redmond, LOVE USSSS!!!!!”), LG found the time to announce an Android handset that follows the now standard sliding QWERTY touchscreen model so that it looks like…well…like a Moto Cliq. Originally leaked as the Etna, LG... 

LG the New HTC?

Posted by Zealot on Sep 03, 2009 | 4 Comments

Now that HTC is moving more and more towards Android based phones, who will take up the slack in terms of Windows Mobile smartphones? Well, how about Korean up-and-comer LG? Already the world’s third-largest mobile phone vendor according to their press release, LG announced today they will be launching three new phones over the next few weeks, all slated to run Windows Mobile 6.5 (due for release October ... 

LG Windows Mobile App Store

Posted by Marilyn Torres on Jul 13, 2009 | 4 Comments

Since my main handset is a WinMo-running HTC Tilt, I’m looking forward to trying out LG’s sampling of Windows Mobile applications. From different categories all the way down to the all-important “Free” category, LG’s app store seems to have all its basis covered. LG has launched an application store for their Windows Mobile phones, with a catalogue of 1400 tested apps, which LG hopes to expand to 2000 by the... 

Girl Crowned US Texting Champ, End of World is Nigh

Posted by Zealot on Jun 21, 2009 | 7 Comments

CNN is reporting (via that a 15 year old Iowa girl, Kate Moore, has won the L.G. National Texting Championship held in NYC last week. The girl won $50,000 for overcoming such texting challenges as accurately texting such thumb-killing phrases as "Which wicked witch wished which more wicked witch in the well?" and "Zippity Dooo Dahh Zippity Ayy…MY oh MY, what a wonderful day! Plenty... 

Recent AT&T ROM Upgrades

Posted by Jack Cook on Jun 05, 2009 | 5 Comments

I thought I would just pass this on (again) for those of you that might have missed these announcements.  There are two ROM upgrades that AT&T has announced.  The HTC FUZE upgrade has been widely reported on a number of sites but in case you somehow missed it, you can get it here. The landing page provides additional detail and instructions. Simultaneously, LG has officially released the LG Incite ROM upgrade... 

More Leaked AT&T + WinMo Love. LG Herald (GW600)

Posted by Chris Leckness on May 26, 2009 | 3 Comments

Wow. This is a huge leak, It’s provided a ton of info for WinMo fans and I haven’t even read all the info available for non WInMo phones yet. So much info this week. Here is another one, the LG Herald (GW600). This one looks simple and to the point too. The 1st thing to note is the reasonable OS and dates. It has an interesting 20 key keyboard instead of a full qwerty. Quite interesting really. This wouldn’t... 

1st Windows Mobile 7 Phone Coming to AT&T?

Posted by Chris Leckness on May 26, 2009 | 10 Comments

Maybe so, but I doubt seriously it will be around the time they suggest in the leaked AT&T slide. September? Wow. That is lofty. I think Chris at Engadget said it best, “…but seeing we’ll be lucky to have 6.5 devices in our hands by then, this date has undoubtedly slipped since the slide was made” No way possible in my opinion. That’s not really the point though, the point is that we... 

Versa comes to Verizon on March 1st

Posted by Jack Cook on Feb 26, 2009 | 3 Comments

Now there is something about this device that just catches my eye. Is it the detachable keyboard?  I just wish it was running Windows Mobile…. The LG Versa incorporates an accelerometer, supports Flash video and has a virtual keypad. We will also find a “so so” 2.0 megapixel camera with video, a microsSD slot that supports up to 16GB, Bluetooth 2.1 EDR and Wi-Fi.  Verizon will sell it for $200 with a... 

LG Eigen Officially Announced as the LG-GM730

Posted by Chris Leckness on Feb 16, 2009 | 5 Comments

Look out Omnia, here comes the LG-GM730… If you like this, get ready. Engadget is reporting that LG is planning to make Windows Mobile their main OS now. They also have some hands on video with this one online already. Check it out. LG Electronics (LG), a worldwide technology and design leader in mobile communications, today announced LG-GM730, its newest handset in LG’s smartphone line-up, which makes advanced... 

Tired of carrying your phone?

Posted by Jack Cook on Dec 29, 2008 | 3 Comments

LG has the solution by introducing their 3G HSDPA wrist phone, the LG-GD910 that supports both 3G and HSDPA technology.  Pretty cool huh? Well it is just another “toy” but a darn cool one that got me interested.  It has a 1.43-inch color LCD touchscreen and it has a video camera integrated in the watch face for video recording. In addition, it has text-to-speech, Bluetooth, MP3 playback and voice... 
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LG Incite Hands On Video 1st Look

Posted by Chris Leckness on Nov 19, 2008 | 6 Comments

Yesterday AT&T announced the LG Incite. The Incite is an attractive Windows Mobile 6.1 phone with a 3″ touchscreen and a 1300mah battery. It has an adequate amount of memory and a 528mhz processor. I am not too sure how well I will do without an actual keyboard (slide out or front facing). Unless LG has added some touches to the default Windows Mobile keyboard, I will most likely have to try a 3rd party on screen... 
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